Bernard & Beatrice’s Complete Guide to Modern Art

Wish I’d seen this. Sounds great. 🙂


A Spaniel in the Works theatre production, tonight’s  performance at the Imperial Hotel, Stroud, was a riotously funny very intelligent an witty race through modern art,  from impressionism to BritArt.

A fluid performance  from caberet to declamtory performance,  and singing and joking spontaneous  asides, I hadn’t laughed so much for a long time. Offenbach illustrating  the Fauvists, Parklife transformed into Britart, A Perfect Day becoming “it’s the everyday, culture from the streets, becomes artistic treats, something good”,  a Madonna medley illustrating expressionism and “Bernard” as Alan Bennett as Pablo Picasso at the bateau lavoir, completely side splitting funny.

It is such a shame that there were so few  in the audience as the energy levels were incredible and the writers had put a truly impressive amount of research  to create this piece. And most importantly, it was a great  night out.

Spaniel in the Works is performing at the Stroud…

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