New Writing Courses and Short Pieces in Guardian – Pippa Roberts.

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s taken me so long to update my blog. I am still doing a huge number of readings, talks and writing workshops, and travelling and studying a lot. I am now teaching two writing courses, in my home town of Cheltenham, so that will enable me to slow down slightly. 🙂

So? What else have I been doing? I’ve had a couple of pieces in ‘The Guardian’, in the family section – one of them today… I’ll post links to them.

The first was about my grandparents, Charles and Effie Roberts. Effie was Effie M. Roberts, the Second World War poet who wrote about life on the Home Front… particularly for women. The link is here:

Today’s piece is in the ‘Playlist’ section, and is about my sister, Miriam, who I called Minty, and the song: ‘I’m going to Barbados’.


I’ve just taught the first lesson in my writing course, and am delighted that it seems to have gone very well. I wasn’t sure who would come, but they were a lovely bunch of people, and all very gifted. I’m really going to enjoy teaching it.

See you all again soon!