To Heaven and Back

Hi everyone,

Some of you will know that I’ve been ill with cancer. I’ve had an excellent response to my tablets (Anastrozole – which stops my body making oestrogen), and I am now looking at a life that should go on into middle age (no, of course I haven’t hit that yet! :D) … and old age. I am apparently in the best 5% of responses to the tablets, and – as long as I keep taking them, I should live for decades yet. (Even after decades, if the tablets stop working I’m told there will be other things to throw at it.)

I’ve been writing all through the illness…  I ought to come clean and say that I am a shaman. The gift developed before I even knew what a shaman was. The book I’ve been working on is about my shamanic experiences, as related to the cancer. I’m slightly worried people might start saying I healed myself. No… I followed the conventional route, but I do know that what is done on the spirit plane affects the physical plane, so it is possible that my results were as good as they were because of the work I’d done. I also have friends who may have helped – and people prayed for me in a multitude of religions. 😀

On a practical level I avoided foods with oestrogen in (ie. soya – but it was incredibly hard, as it is in just about everything) – and I bought organic milk, butter, cheese and meat. (A friend in the science world told me that many dairies give injections of oestrogen to cows, and that it is safer to drink organic milk if you have an oestrogen dependent cancer (which I have). The official justification is that it’s bovine oestrogen, but I wasn’t taking any chances. When it came to soya I had no doubt as to the effect it can have on hormones. I used it years ago to stop my periods altogether. (How I regret that now!)

So – that’s it for this week. I’m finishing a long children’s story, which may become a book, and I’m going to be working on a play (the one I meant to do this month). I must admit that my book about the cancer took over completely, but I’m glad it did, as it’s now near to completion. I thought it would almost certainly end with my death, but now it will end with this excellent news. I am so grateful to the people who developed these medicines, and to the doctors who know how to use them. Also to the GPs I have seen, – and a big thank you to Macmillan, who have provided advice and information all the way along.

It’s ironical when you’re told you’re massively better and you still feel a bit rubbish. Just off for another nap…

Pippa x