Quick news from Pippa Roberts, Cheltenham

Hi folks,


This is the link to the recipe for strawberry covered scones, and my memories.


(You’ll have to scroll down a lot when you find it).

I don’t know why… perhaps it is because, in some part of my mind, I am still half expecting to die, but I am doing a lot of memory pieces at the moment. As many of you will know, I have done reviews for the ‘Food and Drink Guide’ for about 12 years. I love food, and want to be sure that the best recipes survive. There is a plethora of recipes that are not so good, but I promise you the ones I write about are superb! Of course you get the little family stories too, which I hope are a bonus.

Well… as I wrote before, I am, miraculously, getting better, after a close brush with death. At some stage I will start believing it! I’m writing a lot… working on a funny play, writing a new ending to Pride and Prejudice (for a competition), writing proposals for articles and books, and – of course – still writing my book about the cancer (although I think it is near completion).

Now… I overslept and missed breakfast, so I think I’d better find some…

Love to all,

Pippa x