Beethoven’s Ode to Joy – Pippa Roberts, Playwright and Journalist… Cheltenham.

Hi everyone,

If you’re following this blog you may think I’m not doing much at present, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The trouble with writing is that it just goes silently on in the background, and there’s not often much to report.

The only things worth putting here are the articles and reviews I do, and I’ve been doing less than usual, because I’m focusing on bigger projects.

If you’re not tired of my pieces in the Guardian (which are becoming a bit of a habit!) I had another one in yesterday, about Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. You can see it here, underneath the piece about the teddy 😀 :

I’ve also written a couple of letters, including one that has just gone into Writers’ Forum magazine, and I’m doing an article for the same magazine at present. It’s been commissioned, but I’m not sure which edition it will go into.

And for the rest… silence for now!

See you all again soon,

Pippa x