An Unnecessary Death – Pippa Roberts, as Biddy Samson

Hi everyone,

I am in sombre mood today. Death and sadness seem to have been following almost everyone I know, in the last few weeks. I’m also struggling to keep my courage and strength up because I’m being consistently kept awake at night by a noisy neighbour.

Those of you who know me will know that I went through a terrible bereavement three and a half years ago. I expected to write about it all the time, but found myself completely unable to do it. The Isbourne Foundation, in Cheltenham (where I taught creative writing, as Biddy Samson), have just published a piece I wrote about what happened. You can read it here:

To move on to brighter things… I am still writing a lot, but don’t want to reveal much at present… It is a huge relief to me to be able to write, and not to have to do workshops, readings etc… I loved doing them, but they did take all my energy. I will reveal more about what I’m writing as soon as I can.

Pippa 🙂 x