Cotswold Plants and Trees – Blog by Pippa Roberts, Cheltenham

Hi everyone,

This post is a bit different from usual, because I want to write about something I do more or less as a hobby. I love walking, and even when I’m not really well I try and get out into the hills, as that is what makes me feel better.  I’m no expert on the things I see, but I was taught quite a bit in childhood, as my mother used to record for the Wild Flower Society, and we used to go on expeditions to see what we could find.

I’ve been a fan of Pinterest for a while. As many of you will know I had head injuries about 25 years ago, and they affected my visual recognition. (I couldn’t recognise my own children for a long time.) I play on Pinterest quite compulsively; in theory collecting pictures as background to stories, but in practise, just enjoying the saturation of beautiful images. My boards are constantly being reorganised and refined, and this morning I decided to branch off my usual ‘Plants and Trees’ board, and create one uniquely for the plants and trees of the Cotswolds. I’d taken photos of three different orchids on Cleeve Hill yesterday, and many other things… though some, including two of the orchids are still waiting for definite identification. (Must take the flower book next time!)

This is the link to my boards, if anyone is interested. I just happen to have been saving some black and white images, but most of the pictures are in colour. You’ll see the Cotswold Plants and Trees board in the list.



I’ll look into creating a group board next, so that other people can post (or if you find a way to do it you can do it now.)

See you all soon,

Pippa x