Philippa – Pippa – Roberts – Testimonial 2

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 Re: Workshops by Philippa – Pippa – Roberts at Under The Edge Literature Festival 2006. 

Philippa Roberts ran two successful workshops as part of our Literature Festival outreach programme on Wednesday 4 October 2006. Her task was to generate the enthusiasm of a group of key stage 2 children so that they might be inspired to each write their own poem.

By reading well-chosen examples of her own poetry, and the poetry of other writers (including her grandmother), Philippa managed to excite each class as to the pleasure of prosody and rhyme. The written results made clear reference to Philippa’s own examples, and her comprehensive teaching of poetic techniques. Despite being permitted only a short space of time in which to obtain results, Philippa’s teaching appeared to genuinely enthuse the children and they proudly read out their individual poems.

Philippa has a gentle and encouraging approach to children, and her own poems seemed to delight both teachers and pupils. She manages to combine a personal passion for the written word with an ability to inspire and teach others.

Her involvement with Under The Edge Literature Festival has been well received by pupils and staff at Hillesley and Kingswood Primary Schools. I am also very satisfied by Philippa’s performance at this event.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information.

Yours faithfully,

Laura Fleming

Programme Co-ordinator, Under The Edge Arts