Philippa – Pippa – Roberts: Workshops and Readings for Schools

IMG_6123 - mePippa Roberts, writer of short stories, journalism, scripts, and poems – and editor of the wartime poetry books from Fractal – can be booked for readings by any group. Readings and /or poetry workshops for schools can be arranged through Pippa direct, on (mob): 07899401808.

Workshops for Schools and Colleges

Many schools and universities want a combination of the different things that Pippa can do. She has worked out a mixed programme for schools, with readings of the wartime poetry and workshops where students learn to write poetry as a poet does, without talking about things like metaphors and similes, but imagining, for instance, that they were born in the war and have never seen a banana. Even young children rise to the challenge. The descriptions they give are usually vivid – unintentionally packed full of metaphors and similes. They have great fun, which Pippa believes is the key to success in all the arts and sciences.

Pippa says, “We play with sound patterns, and look at prosodic devices where appropriate, and the students then create their own poems… In these sessions the primary aim is to have fun, but sometimes the poems produced are quite lovely.”

With older students and adults Pippa looks at the use of poetry to express the mundane and everyday elements of life, and argues for its value, with illustrations from the poetry journals of Effie M Roberts. She will help the students to produce poems out of the everyday stuff of their own lives, with emphasis on creating a rich texture to the writing.

For literary groups Pippa is happy to talk about how she built up her own writing career, against a background of disability and poverty. She can advise young writers on what to do, and what not to do. There are many humorous anecdotes… including the time that she conducted important interviews while sitting on her son, who had just thrown a tantrum. (He was so surprised he didn’t object!)

Pippa also gives writing workshops for adult learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. For Pippa’s Reference from the Star College, Ullenwood, Cheltenham please see Testimonial 1, above.

For Pippa’s talks and readings for social groups and elderly people please see the separate page on this website.