Pippa Roberts: Stories and Plays with Real Science

Pippa specialises in work that combines the arts and sciences. She has written short stories that combine exciting stories and future science. A recent children’s story was title story in the anthology, ‘A Pocketful of Moondust’, for 7-12 year olds.


Pippa also writes plays and novels for schools. The last project was done with the help of science advisor, Dr Mark Lorch, for Hull University, and was funded by STEMHE. The play was produced by Double Take Theatre Company, and it toured schools in the Hull and Bradford area. See more here:


The plays and stories have exciting plots, and real science experiments. (This is fun on stage – though actors sometimes cheat a little bit by preparing things beforehand). The science in the plays always comes in useful. In ‘Investigation: Haunted House’ the children are locked in the haunted house, and have to find a way out, using their science.

Hull University said that it ‘went down a storm’, and another venue has since expressed an interest in another play.

The original story that set all this in motion was a botanical mystery and love story, which won Pippa the support of Ann Lingard, aka Dr Ann Lackie, the novelist and scientist. When Dr Lorch told Ann that he would like a writer to incorporate real science into a novel, Ann recommended Pippa.

Pippa wrote : ‘I went to the Plant Sciences Dept at Oxford University, and talked to Dr Nick Brown and some of the scientists there. I was shown the herbarium and told about a mystery that routinely puzzled botanists – and that puzzle became the heart of my story.’

She doesn’t want to say more, because that long short story is now well on the way to becoming a novel!

Pippa has studied history as well as science, at degree level and her knowledge, and love of learning informs her work. She has a vivid imagination, and plenty of ideas for other plays and stories, so if you do want to commission anything, or just talk about things, do get in touch with Pippa directly on (mob): 07899401808.

For details of Pippa’s writing workshops for schools and colleges please click on this link.