Philippa – Pippa – Roberts: Talks and Readings for Social Groups

Pippa Roberts has put together some special programmes of readings. These encompass:

1) Effie M Roberts: A Humorous Approach to Life in WW2. For some of Effie’s poems please see:

2) Adam Lindsay Gordon: The Making of a Poet.

3) An Unconventional Path: My Own Work as Writer and Publisher.

4) My Creative Family: Journals and Poems, through the Twentieth Century.

5) The Tennysons: Dynamics of a Gifted Family.


To Accompany The Poems of Effie M Roberts: It is possible for Pippa to bring CDs of wartime songs, including Lili MarleneDon’t sit under the Apple TreeWhite Cliffs of Dover, if a CD player can be made available. Please give notice if you would like Pippa to bring these.

Pippa will be happy to stay afterwards and chat with the audience about their memories; or poetry and books, or anything else they’d like to discuss! Readings, conversation and music combined will generally last for up to 2 hours, but this depends on the requirements of the group, and is also flexible in content. Prior requests for loved poems can be given, as long as there is enough notice for Pippa to locate them.

  • If the group would be more interested in workshops Pippa is an experienced creative writing tutor, and has a thorough grasp of writing technique (poetry, stories, plays and journalism), along with a huge love of literature. She will be happy to lead any writing group.

Pippa’s fees are standard, and she is always willing to negotiate. Please contact her on mob: 07889401808 if you would be interested in readings or workshops – for any group. For Pippa’s work in schools and colleges please see this page.