Pippa Roberts: Playwright and Poet

Pippa writes for all ages. She has published short stories and poems, in magazines such as Aquila Children’s MagazineCadenza and Quality Women’s Fiction . Her stories and poems also appear in a number of anthologies from publishers, including Poems for my Best Friend, from Oxford University Press.

She has published journalism under the name of Eleanor Theyer, in the Gloucestershire Echo and Western Daily Press – and in several magazines, including Evergreen andWriters’ Forum Magazine, under her own name. (See journalism page for more information).

Pippa is now writing scripts and novels for a project combining science and literature for children, at Hull University, is a member of Cheltenham Everyman‘s Writers’ Lab, and has just taken part in the Skylines project at Theatre Centre, London.

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To contact Pippa directly phone: (mob) 07899401808.

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References (please click on the links to read the full references):

FROM: Laura Fleming, Programme Co-ordinator, Under The Edge Arts

Pippa has a gentle and encouraging approach to children, and her own poems seemed to delight both teachers and pupils. She manages to combine a personal passion for the written word with an ability to inspire and teach others.

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FROM: Dr Mike Craddock, Head of English and Drama, The King’s School, Gloucester.

I have known Pippa Roberts for a number of years and the first thing to say about her is that she is a very good thing indeed.

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Annaliese Stoney illustration for Pippa Roberts’s Poem, ‘Louisa, the Boxer’.

Hi everyone,

I might be quiet, but there is a lot happening at this end. I’m in the process of arranging cards for schools, so that they have some up to date information about what I’m doing. This is a link to the wonderful illustration that Annaliese Stoney has done to illustrate my children’s poem, ‘Louisa, the Boxer’:

Louisa, the Boxer

That will be on the front of the card. How cool is that?!

I’ve also allowed myself be persuaded into leading a course on ‘Writing as Therapy’. I’ve done a lot of writing in cafes over the last few years; weeping copiously as I did it. (I used to have a rule that I’d write till I felt tears welling up, and then I’d leave. Usually I managed about five minutes, but it was easier than coping with grief alone, at home. )

In one particular cafe I fell for the man who ran it, but I was often in such deep grief that I couldn’t speak. It didn’t make for the easiest relationship. I’m sure he remembers me as a very peculiar woman. However my notebooks are full of fragments of poetry, and prose, which I will edit in tranquility, along with all the other things that are sitting here, waiting for a quiet moment…

I’m revising a short story at present, but more of that next time. There is still the same relentless pressure to keep earning, and writing – although it pays well – pays months, or even years, later. I’ve finally realised that even successful writers can apply for grants to help them, so I’m going to be doing that… More about that next time! 🙂