Philippa – Pippa – Roberts – Testimonial 3

Philippa (Pippa) Roberts – Reference 1


I have known Philippa (Pippa) Roberts for a number of years and the first thing to say about her is that she is a very good thing indeed. Philippa has her own publishing company and is a respected and successful author whose details may be more fully browsed on her own website. A few months ago, so interesting did I find her company and conversation, I invited her to come and talk to our Sixth form Literary Society. Philippa spoke for over an hour to a group of students and captivated them with her readings and comments. They still talk about her visit and her comments and insights have provoked much discussion and interest ever since.  She has many insights to offer on the issues of authorship, publishing and creativity and her general comments on life experiences were lapped up by our pupils who found her highly stimulating  and entertaining on all manner of topics. Philippa has had an interesting life and that comes through all she writes and says. She dealt sensitively and kindly with the children and her warm and open personality shines in all she does.

          I would strongly recommend you approach Pippa and get her involved with your work as she has a great deal to offer from her own experiences and on the subject of writing. In the materialistic and rather narrow world in which we live, it is wonderful to meet someone who still prizes and practises the imagination in all the life-enhancing ways it can add to our understanding of things.


          I am more than  happy to provide any more information I can- please contact me at the school.



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Head of English and Drama,

The King’s School,



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